The AGARTHA is an experiential concept for the 21st century that includes amenities for everyone.

Our goal is to bring a new way of thinking, reshaping and balancing life, in exceptional natural surroundings.

The creators of  The Agartha  had the need for a place reconnecting to nature, for relaxation, and for self-improvement. Through workshops or individual sessions highlighting, wellness, and health, specialized therapy, meditation, yoga, and personal development, our guests will leave rejuvenated and refreshed. The Agartha will consistently strive to provide an exceptional level of service and quality allowing you the ultimate experience for your vacation, holiday, and retreats.  Avail yourself of the special programs or just come and enjoy yourself in the comforting ambiance of the hotel.

The Agartha was built in the original stone structure, hundreds of years old, maintaining the style of the region. All the work preserved the artistry of the local stone cutters.

The Agartha is a unique place, away from the urban hustle and bustle, in a quiet, natural, and culturally significant environment.

The Agartha is located just 90 minutes north of Lisbon in the historical path of the Templar Knights, also known as the “Triangulo do Lis” makes it a wonderful base to experience the spiritual history of this glorious region of nearby  Tomar and Fatima (Sacred Shrine Altar of the World)

Come, disconnect from modern day stresses explore and stimulate your senses at the Agartha.